In the middle of all the largeness of Florida…the enormous skies and long stretches of sand and the huge waves and crashing surf…we found so many small treasures.

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The Scent of Sun



You can smell Florida before you see it.

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Winter of the Soul

Out for a hike while the snow is still falling...

Out for a hike while the snow is still falling…

Winter has this way of creeping into a soul. I see this, not only in mine own life, but in my oldest son, as his growing, energy-riddled, restless youth struggles to find a way to live through the cold, dark, lonely months of this season. Sometimes, he gives into the battle and all the frustration and anger and angst pour out like a dark, icy flood…and I am choking, treading water, trying to find two life preservers, one for him and one for me, before we both drown. Yet, our hearts both beat on…proof that grace is still present and sorrow won’t kill. And on one afternoon, as an arctic blasts screams around our window panes, he sits down at the piano and plays perfectly….

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Esmeralda Needs Rescued!


IMG_5521I don’t know if men ever read this blog, And if they do, I don’t know if they are married or not. But, if there is a man that runs across this, and if he is married, I have a secret for him.

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Finding Favor


Very young in life, I became savvy to something. I had a need I wasn’t mature enough to verbalize, but I could witness in the scenes and relationships around me…enticing images that drew me in and filled me with longing. It was that innate desire to be valued, to be found worthy, to be wanted and invited into relationship. However, having a prickly, stubborn, competitive nature didn’t make for being the most popular kid on the block.  I , somewhat unconsciously, knew I couldn’t draw on personality to get the wanted approval and attention.  In my proud youthfulness, I was, also, painfully aware that neither beauty or brains were on my side…starving my body, and praying my way through my studies, though I did. This all ended in a train wreck of perfectionism and performance…the only way I could gather a bit of affirmation for the heart healing I needed. I determined that whatever I COULD do, I would do it perfectly or near to…and thus, be worth something to somebody. Some mistook this for purposefulness, or spiritual depth, responsiveness, or ability to follow through…or even, passion. Wrong.

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