The medium roast was fragrant and piping hot, and I was sipping on delicious mugs of quietness…all alone on an early Saturday morning at the coffee shop.

Winter is losing the battle against the lengthening light of approaching Spring. By 7:30 am, in my carefully positioned spot between two easterly windows, I watched the sun slowly begin to clear the silhouette of the cityscape…and then at last free from its obstacles…it split the sky in a burst of flame. Joy. I was overcome with it. After a long week of gray skies and cold wind, the warmth was like an elixir to my spirit…seeping its comfort through my closed eyes and upturned face right down into my soul.

Then, suddenly, darkness. What?! I opened my eyes to see a somber looking gentleman with a newspaper in one hand, and a gloppy looking pastry in the other, matter-of-factly and unemotionally pulling down the blinds on my right. He then unfurrowed his brow, nodded placidly, and returned to his table, and to the headlines of government debt and gun control debates.

Sigh. Well, at least there was still the open window to the left. After a few moments of repositioning, I was once again embraced with the reaching fingers of the sparkling day. No sooner had the tension eased out of my shoulders, when I heard a rustling from a booth nearby, and then approaching footsteps. This time it was a gray-haired female with a book of crossword puzzles who was reaching to pull the shade down on my remaining light. I looked aghast at her, hoping she would feel the angst emanating from me. However, she was oblivious to my huge sigh of disappointment and direct stare, did her cruel deed, and calmly returned to her solving… relieved to be free from the “glare”.

Sun-stealers. Mean, mean sun-stealers. I sat dejected. And they, unaware, enjoyed their morning past-times.

I don’t want to be that. Here I am, busy with my handful of little ones.. and the family and friends that come and go, in and out, of my days, weeks, and months…and I know that sometimes I yank the blind on them and steal their Sun. Sometimes I don’t even know it, and they walk away dejected.

Lord, let me walk in the Light as You are in the Light. Let my loved ones never doubt, that here with me, there is a corner of light, and fragrant cup to be tasted, in the coldest parts of their heart, life, or year.


Here in the darkest part of the winter,

I wish you light and warmth for your soul, dear friend.

I wish you Jesus.


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  1. for whatever it’s worth, i would’ve said something

  2. Oh how many times I have been in your shoes, Havilah, and wanted so badly to say, “But look, look, look what you are missing!
    Can’t you see, and feel the joy? It’s the glory of the Lord!”
    And then I remember I’ve probably “pulled blinds” on people, too, so I’m not as brave as Brad. I have actually asked for them to be opened though, when there were no dissenters.

  3. Oh my! I don’t think I could have borne it! My soul positively soaks up sunshine–most especially during those brief glimpses thru the gloom that is Montana winter. The need to head for the glorious outdoors & into the light (His Light!) would have been immediate. Entering homes with every window drawn & shuttered, I have often pondered why it is that one would choose to live in such bleakness. Fingers itch to throw back each & every curtain, pull up all the blinds that the brilliance of the Sonlight might dispel that prince of darkness–for darkness can NEVER prevail in the Face of Light.

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